A welcoming place to
live, closer to nature

Many families are now enjoying living in the first phase of SEDRA, comprising 2,100 homes, with construction of the second phase of over 4,500 homes now well advanced.

The 1,900 homes of the third phase, with sales launched in the autumn of 2023, are almost all sold, with their construction well underway.

Sedra Homes

The ROSHN Approach

Serving Our Community

Community services have been enhanced to ensure that your community continues to look as good as the day you moved in, potentially helping to maintain the market value of your property. This includes providing high-quality landscaping, street cleaning, waste removal and recycling, mobile security and pest and animal control.

Residents have their own Community Manager to support them and a Community App to make their life easier.

Setting New Standards

ROSHN recognizes the importance of using the highest quality of design, infrastructure, materials and precast construction, to ensure that, as much as possible, our residents are spared the unwelcome imposition of roadworks, breaks in utility services caused by faults, unsightly damage, neglect or deterioration of public areas, and the inconvenience of flooding after heavy rain.

Then, through continuous coordination with the service providers for electricity, water, sewage, and telecommunications, we ensure all are well maintained and run efficiently and sustainably for the long term.

New Levels of Sustainability

At ROSHN we hold ourselves to both Saudi Arabian and international standards of environmental stewardship. Therefore, we are introducing as many elements into SEDRA that allow our residents to minimize their carbon footprint and protect Saudi Arabia’s precious environment.

The provision for EV chargers means our residents can move to a more environmentally-friendly way to drive, whilst the design of our communities allow families to lessen their reliance on their car. Thermal insulation comes as standard that has efficiency higher than building code requirements, and VRF air conditioners provide for low energy consumption. In addition, each home has a solar water heater, which will significantly reduce both electricity use and water costs. ROSHN is the first developer in Saudi Arabia to provide domestic recycling, and biodiversity is instilled through indigenous plants and trees, both creating shading and reducing temperatures.

Good Health and Peace of Mind

The quality of life of our residents is our priority. SEDRA is designed to give provide an environment where individuals and families can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, with all daily necessities, such as mosques and schools close by.

For those who wish to further enhance their fitness there are jogging tracks, pedestrian routes, cycle paths and sports facilities. ROSHN believes that giving our residents a sense of security is just as important as their physical health. Therefore a safe environment is created and maintained by having visible mobile Security Teams operating throughout SEDRA and through the presence of CCTV cameras.


ROSHN's mandate is to develop large-scale modern and integrated communities,and localize global best practice to raise standards of living across the Kingdom

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